Here’s A Thinker: Pulling The Trigger Can Make The Gun Go Off

One of the reasons for starting this blog is that, when I asked in The Firing Line forums if folks would be interested in these stories, I received some reasonably positive responses.

JohnKSa (a user over at The Firing Line) responded to my question and provided a link to some very interesting stories.  Additionally, he referenced a poll he did once about unintentional discharges and how they happened.  He received some fascinating information:

  • About 50% of unintentional discharges are a result of the shooter intentionally pulling the trigger.
  • The next largest cause of accidents is accidentally pulling the trigger after the shooter has intentionally put their finger on the trigger.
  • About 90% of unintended discharges happen with the finger on the trigger.
  • Accidental discharges (e.g. dropping a weapon) account for just 3% of unintended discharges.

It seems to me the above points result in the following conclusions:

  • Be sure the gun is cleared.  And when you’re sure of it – do it again.
  • Keep your finger off the trigger.  (I know that isn’t always possible – but you get the idea.)


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