I’ve never found a firearm enthusiast that wants to have a Negligent or Accidental Discharge.  We all develop habits that we think are good enough to prevent these events from happening.  That being said – Negligent/Accidental Discharges do happen.  (Some say there is never – or very rarely – an Accidental Discharge.  All non-intended discharges are Negligent Discharges.)

The danger arises when we’re complacent.  We get into a mindset where we haven’t had a scare for a while.  We see how we handle firearms compared to other people on the firing line, in a local gun store, when at a friend’s house, etc.  We figure “You know – I’m quite good at firearm handling.  I know what I’m doing.  I’ll never have a problem.”  That’s the danger zone.  How many times has that happened when it comes to driving?  I know it has happened to me a lot.  As soon as I think I’m a pretty good driver – sure enough – I’ll have a near-accident that jolts me back into reality.

The purpose of this blog is to bring into one place stories about unintended discharges and near-discharges.  By understanding how other people got themselves into bad situations we can lower the chances that we’ll do the same.



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